Nitrous Oxide

We know that visiting the dentist can create a great deal of anxiety for many people.  Even though at Encino Family Dental we strive to create the most comfortable and relaxing experience for you, we also know that some people just have a harder time than others shaking off that feeling.  Not to worry!  We have many options for you to reduce that stress for you, nitrous oxide being one of them. 

Nitrous oxide is a very safe yet powerful tool to help minimize or eliminate the stress that comes with coming to the dentist.  Also known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is very effective at taking the edge off, and allows for us to bring you back to ideal dental health while keeping you as relaxed as possible.  It is also very safe to use on children as well, so that can take the edge off for parents and children alike!  The effects of nitrous oxide are completely reversible as well as short-lived, so once the dental work is completed, we will have you breathe in clean oxygen for a few minutes and the nitrous is completely out of your system.  You are back to normal and ready to move on with your day!

We can also discuss the use of anti-anxiety medications.  This process consists of taking a small tablet shortly before you arrive for your dental treatment, and its effects can range from relaxation to mild amnesia.  We are happy to discuss any of these options with you to make your visits as comfortable as possible.

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