Tooth-colored Fillings/Bondings

A dental filling may be necessary to repair your tooth.  Tooth-colored fillings, also known as composites or bondings, are used to strengthen teeth when damage has been caught early, before it progresses and requires more intensive dental treatments.  Composites are a great restorative material because they produce an esthetically pleasing result, but they can also be done very conservatively in order to conserve as much natural, healthy tooth structure as possible.  Bondings can be utilized to fill cavities, change the shape or color of your teeth, close small spaces, or repair small fractures of the teeth.  Composites are also done in a single dental visit, so we achieve beautiful results immediately.

The Process

First, a local anesthetic will be administered to numb the necessary area of your mouth.  Then we will use a variety of tools to remove the damaged areas from your tooth.  We will then choose the proper shade of composite material to seamlessly blend the filling to match your natural tooth.  The tooth will be appropriately conditioned and the material will be placed and artistically shaped to replace the missing tooth structure.  Finally, and light will cure (harden) the composite.  Once that is completed, we will trim and polish the filling to feel and look like your other teeth.  Voilà!!

Extra Notes

We are an Amalgam-Free dental practice.  We do not offer amalgam (metal fillings) because we do not believe in them.  Here’s why: While in the past they may have been a fair restorative option, now there are so many better and more conservative alternatives.  Inherently, due to the nature of the material, teeth have to be more aggressively treated when treated with amalgam.  Healthy tooth structure has to be removed for the sake of the amalgam staying put.  In other words

, you are losing valuable tooth structure and weakening your tooth just for the sake of the material.  Ultimately the metal fillings compromise the tooth.  In the long run, teeth with metal fillings in them end up fracturing because of the stress the metal places on the teeth, or crowns have to be placed to prevent the fracture in the first place.  If you have metal fillings and have thought about having them replaced, we would be happy to discuss those options with you.  By no means are we suggesting that all metal fillings be replaced regardless of the circumstances; ultimately the decision is yours.  But we would be happy to discuss your options.

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