Root Canals

Don’t fret! Heard they’re awful? Heard it was the worst dental experience your friend has ever had?  Well we are here to assure you it’s not that bad!  Not only has technology come a long way but so have our doctors!  The practice of doing a root canal is a very technique sensitive procedure, and it requires patience, but pain is NOT part of the deal.

A bit of information for you…the need for a root canal can be due to a number of reasons.  The most common reason someone will need a root canal is if they have a cavity that has gone untreated and left to advance and become very large.  If a cavity becomes so large that it reaches the nerve tissue within the tooth, you will need a root canal.  Another relatively common reason someone may need a root canal is if they have had trauma to their face.  Often times people fall as a child, get kicked or hit in the face while playing sports, or maybe even have the misfortune of getting in a car accident.  Often any of these traumatic incidents alone will necessitate a root canal.  But have no fear…they are much more straight forward than you probably think and far less traumatizing than most people make them out to be.

The Process

After we have determined the reason for the root canal, we will give you anesthetic to numb the tooth that needs the root canal.  We will appropriately clean and disinfect the tooth and the pulpal tissue (the nerve of the tooth).  We will then fill the area that used to be occupied by the nerve with a material to prevent leakage and further contamination of the tooth.  Most of the time a root canal can be completed in a single visit, but sometimes, depending on the condition of the tooth it may need additional appointments.  All of this will be discussed and arranged with you so you know exactly what is going on.  No surprises!

Here at Encino Family Dental we will make sure to keep you in the loop throughout the entire process.  We will walk you through every step of the way and make sure you are as comfortable as possible.


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