If you are missing one or more teeth, implants are the next best thing to having your natural teeth.  Their biocompatibility is remarkable and they are truly the gold standard of care.  Not only do they look and feel virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth, their function also comes as close as possible to your natural teeth, more so than anything else on the market.  Dental implants are done with precision by dentists with specialized training and they are done with over 98% success.  Beyond just that, you can be certain that with the proper care, they can last you your lifetime.

Implants are placed within the bone of the mouth and left to integrate and literally become one with the body.  What makes implants stand out as the best restorative option for people with missing teeth is that not only do they look, feel and function almost indistinguishably from your natural teeth,  but they are very easy to maintain and they actually help to preserve the very valuable jaw bone.  When a tooth is lost, the body recognizes that the bone is no longer necessary to act as a support foundation for the tooth (since the tooth is no longer present).  The bone then naturally deteriorates which causes valuable bone to be lost but in certain circumstances can also cause a change in your facial structure.  However, placing an implant preserves this valuable bone and thus prevents these otherwise unavoidable and unfortunate changes from occurring.

Why Implants?

Implants are far superior to the alternatives for many reasons.  They are far better than a bridge because the implant will preserve the precious jawbone, since it is placed within the jawbone, while a bridge will allow the bone to deteriorate.  Also, implants are far easier for you to maintain and keep clean, because they act as individual teeth.  Bridges are much more difficult to keep clean by way of their design, being at least 3 connected units.  You have to be much more meticulous about cleaning a bridge properly and cleaning underneath it, and it becomes quite frustrating for most patients.  Finally, implants incorporate only the teeth/areas affected.  If only one tooth is missing, then only one stand-alone implant is placed and the solution in simple and conservative.  On the other hand, if we have to place a bridge, we often have to cut into otherwise healthy teeth just for the sake of allowing the bridge to stay in place.  Not to mention you will most likely have to replace a bridge at least 1-2 times in your lifetime.

Implants far exceed the idea of removable dentures as well.  Dentures are nearly always very frustrating for patients and often interfere with peoples’ way of life.  They often do not have adequate retention, so they move around in the mouth and often fall out as people are trying to eat or speak.  They impede proper eating and speech, but they also can create sores in the mouth if they are not regularly adjusted.  They can also collect a lot of food underneath the denture, which can create unpleasant odors as well as an unpleasant experience when having to cleaning them.

To learn more, we would be happy to discuss why implants are best for you and what treatment alternatives are available for you.

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