Sealants and Cavity Preventive Measures

Here at Encino Family Dental we are huge advocates of preventive and proactive dentistry.  Sealants are a very quick and simple way to prevent some of the most common types of cavities in children and adolescents.  Everybody’s teeth are naturally made up of deep grooves and pits.  It is the way teeth form and it is what allows them to function so well for chewing. 

Unfortunately, these grooves and pitted areas are so small that they very often trap bacteria that cause cavities.  And don’t we all know that children are not the best at brushing their teeth, and they call it quits in about 20 seconds.  Sealants can be applied to the teeth in these areas, filling them and making them much less likely to trap these harmful, cavity-causing bacteria.  The sealants also make the areas more cleansable for our kids that are always in a rush.  No needles, no anesthetic needed.  It is a very simple procedure, and most children tolerate it very well.  The best time to apply sealants on the teeth is as soon as they come into the mouth.  That way they offer the best protection.

Fluoride is another very important tool for helping prevent tooth decay, in adults and children alike.  It is a very simple application of a topical agent that has been shown in study after study to reduce the incidence of cavities.

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