Are you wondering when you should bring your child in for their first dental checkup?  Well, it’s probably earlier than you’d expect.  We recommend that you bring your child in for their first checkup between 6-12 months, or once you see their first teeth come in.  If you’re thinking “There is no way my child will sit still for an exam and cleaning!,” you may be right under ordinary circumstances. 

But we’ve got lots of tricks up our sleeves and plenty of experience with children to make it a productive and easy appointment, for both you and your child. It is important that you start early on to instill the right habits for your child’s oral hygiene, and we can help make keeping your child’s teeth clean fun, as opposed to just another “must do” item on your checklist. 

Furthermore, the earlier you bring your child to see us, the more likely we can keep cavities at bay, and the less likely your child will become fearful of the dentist.  If they are used to coming, they will have nothing to be afraid of, and that is great for everyone, but it benefits your child most of all!  Finally, there are quite a few tidbits that come as a surprise to many parents about what may or may not be appropriate for your child’s oral health, and we would be glad to discuss those with you at your child’s appointment.  Please…let us help your child stay cavity-free!

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